Let’s PLAY



As part of the project let's play! Game Based Learning (un)ordinary education, a publication was produced on the impact of participation in the game development process on the readiness to use gamification and GBL elements in the classroom. It was prepared by the project's content team Helga Dis Isfold Sigurdardottir and Robin Isfold Munkvold. The group researched and described in the publication are - of course - the teachers who created our games. The publication will be presented at conferences so that the research has a real impact on education - both in Poland and Europe. The publication is, of course, translated into Polish so that any willing A teachers from Poland can familiarise themselves with it. We invite you to read it:

Games development as a pedagogical metod

Polish version of the publication

Game development as a Pedagogical Method

English version

Authors of the publication

Robin Isfold Munkvold

Associate professor in the field of information technology. He has been working as a lecturer at universities since 1999, teaching in the fields of software architecture, project management, social sciences, databases, game design and development, ICT and many other fields of study. Her research focuses primarily on ICT, games and pedagogy/techniques for effective learning among computer science students. He is particularly involved with the Centre for Excellent IT-education and is the leader of the Norwegian Association of Researchers at Nord University. Robin has led several international projects incorporating developments in games, learning and pedagogy. He is also the author of a number of international scientific publications.

Helga Dis Isfold Sigurdardottir

She holds a PhD in science and technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. She is currently an associate professor, teaching computer games and multimedia arts at Nord University. Her research interests focus on social and educational anthropology and especially on - digital games. Additionally, she is involved in research on online communication, activism, inclusion and ICT. Helga - either as a leader or team member - has been involved in several international research projects that have covered the topics of her interest. She is also the author of numerous scientific publications.